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Marcel Vigneron Needs to be in my bed right now
Everywhere Bravo is broadcasted
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This is a group for anyone and everyone that wants Marcel to rock one's world. This is for everyone who thinks cherries are damn lusty, for anyone that wants to wake up and see that sarcasm laced smirk laying next to them in bed. Some friends and I are supposed to take a road trip to Colorado this summer, but I'm going to make them stretch it to Vegas so I can eat in his restaraunt, tie him up, and take him with us. While other chefs are busy being twats and attacking things that have nothing to do with food, Marcel is just cooking and looking adorably fuckable.

Comments for this group aren't going to be screened unless Haters and Petty Betties show up that want to attack Marcel just because they aren't as hot as he is. This is a community of love here folks.

PS Ilan, most foods don't affect libido at all. Things like oysters and artichokes are said to improve it because they are good for the heart, and a stronger heart makes a sex drive better. The only things that would hurt it are things like too much alcohol and turkey and things that make you tired, not wicked sexy cherries.